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In regards to finding a place called Sandstadt, please note:
I tried to find this place with the help of 3 excellent and very reliable reference sources:
1) Meyers Orts und Verkehrs  Lexikon des Deutschen Reichen, 1912 Edition   =    Result: No such place could be found
2) Muellers Grosses Deutsche Ortsbuch, 1958 Edition   =  Result: No such place could be found. ( Since this source is only from 1958,
   I did not put too much weight on this result )
3) Hoefer Verlag, Map # PL 777 for "Polen",  Ortsnamenverzeichnis polnisch - deutsch  /  deutsch - polnisch:  No such place is listed.
I know of a place called Sanddorf ( Polnisch: Wdzidzen ). A Izydor Gulgowski ( one of the well known Kashubian teacher and historian ) 
used to live there in around 1920 - 1925 . You can put the name  " Sanddorf or Wdzidzen in " Google map "  to see where this village is located. 
I know it is not Sandstadt, but maybe, just maybe, somebody made a mistake (?) " NEVER SAY NEVER "
Just trying to help: Peter von Lipinsky

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