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Thank you Dick for adding this !   It also gives an idea what the other teachers, may have gone through of other religions.  If I may add my two cents, in Poland if was an teacher, one could skip military service, and wonder if that maybe case for Prussian in Poland who were teachers.   Also Friedrich The Great wanted ex military/injured soldiers to be teachers-archives online, the one that has a lot of miss spellings- due to what I think to avoid being sued .   Early when one was 14 graduated 8th grade you could take a test & become an teacher, later you spent few months as a teachers aid type, then later on you had to spend a longer time 6mo's as a teachers aid, before becoming a solo teacher- my guess for later era 1830 or 1860"s?

All of this I've been watching, am very thankful with all this info, lay-person Werner was, who bpted 1874 Gottlieb Rossin  Ev.Tremessen, teacher & was  also for Confirmation too in Niewolno, kreis Mogilno 1888( my grandfather).       Johann Gottlieb Mietzner b.c.1790's was teacher in Kunkolewo Hauland, was living on estate 1841, (my great gr. grandfather) kreis Kolmar, there was a teachers school at Schniedermuehl, but wonder if that be at a later time ?

Many of those that ended up in district of Russian Poland had came from Posen area,Westpreussen, figure add this,which some will want to read, if haven't already had to refresh ones memory, it's been translated in English in parts, circa 1893 Carl Otto, On Czarnikau area, I hadn't known this area had been connected to Deutsch Krone 1700's & then became it's own district that once had Kolmar area included-which came into being by 1818.  http://www.posen-l.com/pos/Resources/Books/DGdiCuU/DGdDiCuU.htm     Now one can wonder & feel bad-what happened to all the books from Gramsdorf, Obornik went !  So if you found others in other books-churches-please speak out, Wischin Hauland kreis Kolmar was across the bridge-my families missing info ;  (

Colonist & census, including Pomerainia, one should mention, if someone left your area-to colonize another area-that person is most likely sibling of your ancestor & the reason you don't see yours is they are already there.  Census, well they can mess up surnames, why is it much easier finding others families ancestors- then your own direct ?  ;  )

Don't forget if you found something interesting or helpful, others may too !  One may open doors for others-who have being only seeing brick walls
                                               Cathy in Elgin,Minnesota

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For those who haven’t noticed, I have a new email address.  It’s benovich at live.com.  Scratch the old “imt.net”.

On the Küster matter, it finally occurred to me to check out Joseph Height’s “Homesteaders on the Steppe.”  He quotes a document outlining the schoolmaster’s duties in South Russia which I thought would be interesting to repeat (pace, Jerry) here.  It is dated 1819, Kleinliebenthal, a Catholic colony.
1. Teach 3 hours in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.
2.Teach Catechism one hour every Sunday.
3. Ring the Angelus bell 3 times a day.
4. Teach the children to read and write German, recite Latin, and do arithmetic.
5. Teach 4 boys to serve mass, and teach at least 6 boys in choral singing.
6. Assist the priest according to custom.
7. Conduct one hour of prayer on Saturdays, and ordinary devotions on Sundays and holy days.
8. Stay away from the tavern, on pain of dismissal.
9. Refrain from reading forbidden books.
10. Refrain from profane language, on penalty of salary deduction.
11. Receive the clerical school supervisors with courtesy.
12. For weighty and approved reasons the schoolmaster can be dismissed with the approval of the pastor.

Dick B.
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