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Susanne,  you made no mistakes that I see..   But to  everyone else,
 I suggest you use Google translate if you can't read German.
Either use:  Google's Chrome browser or the Google  translate
tool bar on your browser.
There is so much information here,  my head is still trying to 
absorb it all.
Thanks again.
Bob K.
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here are a few notes and links to all of you who are  researching in the 
area Poznan
/ Poland.

1. This map gives a  good overview of the parishes and
their associated  communities.
Allreligious denominations are recorded and the archives are  often  


2.  This pageshows a map of all previously released church records in the 
Poznan  area.
There are a lot
more than you think. By
clicking here, you can  link
directly to the page with the church register. 
Tip:Try all faiths;  the
early Protestants were often registered in the Catholic church  records.


3.On  this page, many of the
church records from the map  were  entered
into a database.  Many information
already in place. We can  also help with the work. 


4.  This page displaysall currently available online church
records or data all  over  Poland. It is constantly  updated.


5. This site  dealsspecifically with the genealogy in the
church district  Kalisch.

Ihope someone can use this  information.


P.S. Apologize myfirst mail,  I've made ​​a  mistake.
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