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There is some additional evidence that might link the German name Belschütz with Belzyce near Lublin and the Tiefenbach(er) or Diefenbacher family. If you search the SGGEE public database of the Lublin Project indext: https://www.sggee.org/research/parishes/lublin_records/lublinsearchinstruct.html

You will find the following under a birth search:

Surname (Polish)
Given Name (Polish)
Given Name
Birth Year
Birth Month
Mother (Polish)
On Disk
In File
Reg #
Special Notes

Krystyan Elzbieta
Christine, Elisabeth
Stein, Rozyna
Stein, Rosine

There are more records indicated for this family in a search for Deaths. These records may be ordered as digital copies from the Lublin Evangelical Lutheran Church. There is information in both German and English on the SGGEE website about how to do that. These early records before 1868 will be in Polish. 

Best wishes on your continued search.
Sigrid Pohl Perry




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Found on the Wolhynien.de forum....

Jacob Tiefenbach * 8 April 1814 in the villeage by Mühlbach bei Eppingen des 
Großherzogtums Baden. The oldes son of the father that past away and the living 
mother. The bride, the widow from Christian Mohr born Krüger, born 2 Feb 1810, 
both ev.-luth., Grooms father, who 1830 in Polnischen Stadt Belschütz der 
Wojewotschaft Lublin lived, and this ????
The mother, Catharina, born Friedrich. The father the bride, Willy Krüger died 
1814 in Mühlbach, the mother Christian born Frey, stayed.

Jacob Tiefenbacher geb. 8.April 1814 im Dorfe Mühlbach bei Eppingen des 
Großherzogtums Baden. Der älteste Sohn des verstorbenen Vaters und der noch 
lebenden Mutter. Die Braut, die Witwe von Christian Mohr geb. Krüger, geboren 
nach der selbst 1810, den 2. Februar und beide ev.- luth., der Vater des 
Bräutigams: Der 1830 in der Polnischen Stadt Belschütz der Wojewotschaft Lublin 
gebürtig, eben dieser ?????
Die Mutter, Catharina, geborene Friedrich. Der Vater der Braut: Willy Krüger 
gestorben 1814 in Mühlbach. Die Mutter in Mühbach geblieben Christina geb. Frey.

Confirmiert in Ostrog -- 1838

Christoph Tiefenbach, 2. Sohn geb. 1824 in der Kolonie Carsruhe. Der Vater starb 
in einer Kolonie bei Lublin 1833. Die Mutter, Catharina geb. Friedrich.

I am not sure yet but this might be a connection to Christoph Diefenbacher found 
in the Odessa Library.

Hope this helps to give a little more hint where this village Stadt Beschütz is, 
didlook at maps but can't find it

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Can you help to narrow the region?  What is the source of the place name and 
what kind of document?

How accurate is the spelling?  For example, I have found Belschnitz in former 


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Trying to find the village Stadt Belschütz, can someone please help
Thank you
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