[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Kunkolewo Hauland / Familie Klingspohn in Canada

Sigrid Pohl Perry perry1121 at aol.com
Thu Feb 28 06:26:01 PST 2013

Hi Gert,

For you and others who would like to know which Klingspohn families 
lived in Bielin (now in Lubelskie but considered to be Russian territory 
before WWI) to see if you might also be related to this Klingspohn 
family, you should consult the Lublin Project parish database. 
Volunteers have been indexing parish records and these include Bielin. 
You can search births, deaths, and marriages separately using Soundex here:

Searching Klingspohn only in Bielin finds 46 births, 11 deaths, 18 
Klingspohn grooms and a pair of Klingspohns from Bielin who married. 
Remember, families may have moved around, so as you trace them back, 
search for parental couples rather than villages. Digitized records may 
be ordered from the Lublin Evangelical Lutheran church; information 
about this is on the SGGEE website on the url.

Gert, I hope you find even more cousins once other members see that 
branches of their family may also have lived in Lublin parish. Both of 
my parents' families lived in the Lublin parish from about 1860 to 1940 
and my genealogy database has just exploded since I found out about 
these parish records and have helped index them.

Gruss von Chicago area,
Sigrid Pohl Perry
(Pohl, Domres, Hapke, Wolski, Mantei, Buettner/Bitner, Kuehn, Ziemer, 
Scheffler, Nickel et al)

On 2/28/2013 3:12 AM, Gert Klingspohn wrote:
> Hi Cathy,
> my name is Gert Klingspohn from Germany.
> I do not think that we are related to each other (unfortunately). My 
> father was born 1909 in Bielin / Lubelski / Volhynia and came after 
> the death of his parents in 1926 in the area ofKolmar to Seefeld / 
> Laskowo near Samotschin (Szamocin). In 1937 he settled in 
> Bismarcksruhm (Ostrowke / Kolmar). His possession included a small 
> plot in Forest Kunkolewo Hauland. Our last visit there was in 2008.
> Now I have a question about our relatives in Canada. Maybe someone can 
> help me to find them (there are lots of cousins ​​of mine).
> I'm looking for descendants of my uncleAdolf Klingspohn (born 
> 04.02.1904 in Bielin / Lubelski / Volhynia, died in 1992 in 
> Penticton). He lived in Kelowna and Penticton. His children (my 
> cousins​​) are:
> Waltraud Dimler (born Klingspohn)
> Dorothea Beckmann (born Klingspohn)
> Wilfried Rudi Klingspohn
> Ruth Catherine Kowalski (born Klingspohn)
> Elizabeth Doberstein (born Klingspohn)
> Ruben Klingspohn
> Unfortunately, I have no contact to all. Can anyone help me to find them.
> Greetings from Deutschalnd
> Gert Klingspohn 

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