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Hi all – I’m forwarding this email I received searching for German ancestors in Poland. I’m not familiar at all with this surname or Podlasie. But if anyone can help Marcin, that would be great. 


Reply to the email address I’ve cc’ed here.


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Very long time I try to find information about my ancestors. And here I turn to You for help. So:

At the beginning of the nineteenth century (1810-1820) my ancestors settled in the Podlasie in two places. In one village they were protestant-german version of the name-"Cilwa", in the second place were catholics and polish version of the name-"Cylwa" (question why two confessions?) (it was the action of colonization by Frederick II?).

I do not have any knowledge of the cities of residence before - only the message from earlier generations.
probably earlier in the eighteenth century lived in Pomerania and even earlier in Germany.Before migrated to Germany from Spain( and name Silva)
(Today, one family lives in Ukraine. As can  see "walking tour" agrees with the description given by You.)

Where do I direct my search? Can I find out more? To where should I write?
With regards.

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