[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Books on German emigration - post WWII

Helen Gillespie hgillespie at rogers.com
Mon Jul 1 16:31:36 PDT 2013

hi all

This book may be of interest to those whose families arrived post WWII, however it is not completely digitized on line – although a 

good portion is. Both were probably theses.

Forging a New Heimat: Expellees in Post-War West Germany and Canada
By Pascal Maeder published in 2011.  
Another book I found is digitized on line: 
German emigration to Canada and the support of its Deutschtum during the Weimar Republic : the role of the 
Deutsches Ausland Institut (DAI), Verein für das Deutschtum im Ausland (VDA) and German-Canadian 
organisationsby Grant Grams  (published in 2000)


But note that because they digitized every page, including the cover and title pages, the pages don’t match the actual book pages 

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