[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] LDS Film 2380029

Linda Bowen lindakbowen at cox.net
Mon Jul 1 18:47:46 PDT 2013

  Does anyone have access to this film to do a look up for me of a 
marriage record.

Adolph Adam married Emilie Koeppert  On Feb 1, 1893
There is no page number listed but it gives Register 47.
I'm particularly looking for parents names of Emilie and a birthplace of 

Also, On my great grandmother's Baptism record It indicated her parents 
were settlers.
She was born in Ostrog in 1870.
What years would we be talking about to be considered a settler in that 
Her father was Catholic, mother Lutheran.
It was unclear whether the settlers referred to both parents or just her 


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