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Thank you Peter for telling us this. It is reasuring that they are still being responsive. 

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Obtaining copies from the Lutheran  church book(s) entries from the parish in Lublin, Poland.

About 4 weeks ago,I posted a question on the message board if anyone could tell me how long it would take to obtain copies of Lutheran  church book(s) entries from the  Lutheran parish in Lublin. Most of the replies that I received via the message board were positive. This  encouraged me to put in my request to the parish in Lublin  for 4 copies of some Lutheran church book entries for the years ranging from  1902 - 1924. The cost was 20 Euros per copy. I send my request for 4 copies to the parish in  Lublin on June 7.

On June 25., I received the 4 copies that I had ordered from the parish in Lublin. I also received a very nice message from Professor  Dr. Dariusz Chwastek, who is in charge of the parish in Lublin.

So for the people who are thinking of ordering one or more Lutheran church book entries from the parish in Lublin, all I can say, that I was pleasantly surprised with the efficient service.
Peter von Lipinsky


MY request was written  in German and Prof. Dr. D. Ch. also wrote back in German, which I think may have helped to speed things up.
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