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Also, to scroll through the records faster or jump to a later year, instead 
of using the arrows on the bottom of the page you can change the individual 
page numbers or index page in the
URL /web address bar. It is the last few digits before the ".htm" (after the 
underscore). That way you can skip multiple index pages or individual 
records at a time.


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> Linda,
> Al Muth answered your query very well. I can add that most of the 1862 to 
> 1885 Rozyszcze marriage data in the VKP database comes from the St. 
> Petersburg Archive duplicate records. The AGAD records are from the 
> original parish register books, and Al is right that the Registration 
> numbers of individual marriages are often not the same from the two 
> sources.
> AGAD scanned the register books and put the scans on microfilm. Each set 
> of records on the website then corresponds to one microfilm. Knowing the 
> years covered by the microfilm and the year and registration number of the 
> record sought, one can make a guess as to where the sought record may be, 
> and then iterate until it is found. It is not necessary to scroll through 
> the entire set.
> Hope this helps,
> Dick
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>> Yes, you really do have to scroll through all the marriages.  It differs
>> little from using a microfilm.
>> The VKP index is relevant only in providing a date of marriage.  The 
>> index
>> for 1862-1885 was for the stpete records; what you are looking at with
>> these online Rożyszcze records are the original records.  These are not
>> indexed, except 1886-1899 for births, till 1895 for marriages, etc.
>> I know for certain that the marriage record numbers almost never
>> correspond to what is in the VKP index.
>> the record that you want is #19 on
>> http://agadd.home.net.pl/metrykalia/439/sygn.%2040/pages/PL_1_439_40_0030.htm
>> The beauty of these marriage records is that they record the birthplace 
>> and
>> names of parents (sometimes, merely the father) of single people.
>> Schaedler was born in Olganówka; his bride Juliane Schlicht was
>> born in the "city of Osorkow, gouv. Warschau".
>> Her parents are named as Friedrich and Caroline.
>> Since I have worked on Ozorków Lutheran marriages, I can tell
>> you that these are Friedrich Wilhelm Schlicht and Caroline Hensel.
>> and you may now find their marriage at
>> http://metryki.genealodzy.pl/metryka.php?ar=3&zs=1611d&sy=1842&kt=2&plik=13-14.jpg(record
>> #14, on the right).
>> Ozorków records at this site are available for 1839-1910; so far, they 
>> lack
>> the
>> first dozen years that you can see on LDS microfilm, but there are some
>> 35 years more at the later end than have previously been available.
>> Depending on when your families arrived in Ozorków (if schlicht/hensel is
>> one
>> of the lines you are pursuing, you may also need to consider the earlier
>> Catholic records)
>> Al Muth
>> Michigan
>> On Fri, Jul 5, 2013 at 3:59 PM, Linda Bowen <lindakbowen at cox.net> wrote:
>>> I'm  having trouble using the site AGAD.gov  where they have the 
>>> Rozhysche
>>> Parish records online.
>>> I want to check the marriage record of Juliane Schlicht to Johann Karl
>>> Shaedler in 1874.
>>>  Do you really have to scroll through all the marriages for those years 
>>> to
>>> find  the one you are looking for, or
>>> am I missing something?
>>>  I  found  Reference 40 which has 296 pages and the years  between 1873
>>> and 1880.
>>> VKP index says Page  612 Register 25
>>> TIA
>>> Linda
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