[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Online Ozorkow records?

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You're right - it is dangerous.  :-)

It is certainly possible to do it but it would take more effort than the original extraction.  I can hardly keep up with posting what parish records are available let alone doing it for individuals within each parish.

And then you have the issue of links that get broken.  Again, I have trouble keeping up with broken links already on our website.  Can you imagine the disaster if we entered even 100,000 names with links and then they changed the location of the web pages?  Ouch!


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Your comment has got me thinking, Al.  Always a dangerous thing...but if metryki.genealodzy.pl have the images and SGGEE has searchable, indexed Parish and Master databases is it possible to start linking our records to the images in the Polish Archives.  

Is there anyone who can say whether this is possible?  I know it would be a lot of work.



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thank you, Jan, for giving Paul the answer he needed.

Just using metryki.genealodzy.pl will take you to a province map of Poland where you may also make selections.  Lodzkie is very well represented.

A reminder to other readers.  Nothing is name searchable.  You will be looking at thousands of digital images one by one.  It helps if you have prior familiarity with records on microfilm.

al muth

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