[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Laufer and Reschke families from Lodz area

Katrin Hanko katrin at bokser.ee
Tue Jul 16 23:52:55 PDT 2013


I have found some records published on http://metryki.genealodzy.pl/ which concern my ancestors, but as I am not familiar with Polish language, I would appreciate if someone could help me with reading and translating:

1) birth record of my great grandfather Adolf Laufer (Lutheran Church in Pabianice) born in Markowka, record no. 285 http://metryki.genealodzy.pl/metryka.php?ar=3&zs=1615d&sy=3010&kt=4&plik=283-286.jpg

2) birth record of his father Christian Laufer (Catholic Church in Pabianice) born in Pawlikowice, record no. 44 http://metryki.genealodzy.pl/metryka.php?ar=3&zs=1614d&sy=1839&kt=1&plik=039-044.jpg

3) birth record of his mother Ernestine Reschke (Catholic Church in Mikolajewice) born on Ludowinka, record no. 63 http://metryki.genealodzy.pl/metryka.php?ar=3&zs=1587d&sy=1841&kt=1&plik=059-066.jpg

4) marriage record of parents of Ernestine - Christian Reschke and Luise Frank (Catholic Church in Mikolajewice), record no. 19 http://metryki.genealodzy.pl/metryka.php?ar=3&zs=1587d&sy=1837&kt=2&plik=019-022.jpg

However, I am not able to find anything on Christian Laufer's parents Chrisostom Laufer and Christine Krepla?? - no marriage record, no death records, no other children, nothing... Does the fact that their son Christian was baptized in the Catholic Church indicate, that their religion was Roman-Catholic (as most of the Pawlikowice Laufers were obviously members of Lutheran congregation of Pabianice)?

I know more or less the structure of Napoleonic records (so there is no need to translate every word from these record), but still I have difficulties of reading the important information like, dates, ages, professions, etc. I'd be very grateful for any help!

Best regards
Katrin Hanko

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