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I can only echo the remembrances expressed by many others of Al's enthusiasm for genealogical research and his generosity in sharing his vast knowledge of this subject with others.  We were related by ancestral marriage, not by blood, but he had researched the line through which were connected and shared his detailed and thoroughly documented findings with me.  It has been very important to my family to understand our German roots in Poland and, like others, I was always thinking that I could go back to him if needed for his thoughts and guidance.  What a wonderful legacy he leaves for us.  

Sondra Mills, Washington, D.C. (via Warsaw, Zyrardow, Kolo, Uniejow, Graudenz, and Detroit, among other places . . . .)

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Al Muth touched many more lives - and families - than he probably ever realized.  What a magnificent legacy his generosity of spirit has left - but gone way, way too soon.    I've saved many of his comments over the years, and just thought he would always be there when I got around to asking specific questions.   A huge loss for all of us, a part of all our families.  

With tears in my eyes - thank you, Al Muth!

Maureen Schoenky, Santa Susana, California

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Very sad news about Al. I met him in Dec 2000 at the FHC in Grand Rapids,
MI. He set me in the right direction the first night,  he had seen  my
surname in the films he was indexing. I sat next to him at the FHC every
Wednesday night looking at films for a number of years until he moved to
Detroit.  Just two weeks ago he answered a question about a Lithuania
surname that I was working on for my wife's line.  I was so inspired by him
to find my family roots that in 2007 my wife and I went to Poland to visit a
cousin that I had met on line. 

Jim Pekrul
Big Rapids, MI

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I was stunned when I came home from work to hear this news.  It is my sad
duty to report that Albert (Al) Muth passed away from pulmonary embolism
(blood clots) at his home, Sunday July 15.  A brief obituary can be found on
this site http://www.mccabefuneralhome.com/Publishsite/

Al was only 55 but he crammed a whole lot of genealogical research into
those few years.  I was first introduced to him in the mid 1990s when he did
some genealogical research for Wandering Volhynians magazine.  It was later
in the founding years of SGGEE that he became extremely active through his
extraction of literally hundreds of thousands of names from Russian Poland
Lutheran records.  SGGEE, its members, and those who have passed this way as
friends owe him a huge debt for helping us to do our research.  He did this
through his general extractions, through his historical and language
research and especially through personal messages in direct correspondence
with us.  He did not keep his research to himself but shared it with us and
many others around the world.  He seldom did the specific family research
for us but allowed us to make our own discoveries by pointing us to people,
places, and records.

As several people have already indicated in private messages I received, Al
is irreplaceable and will be sorely missed.  Please join us in extending our
prayers and thoughts of condolences to his surviving family.

Jerry Frank
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