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To the best of our knowledge, no entries or pages were missed in the extraction of the St. Petersburg Consistory records.  

Several original books are missing, especially from the early 1880s.  It is possible that at least some of these records are in those books.  There are times when a Pastor did not collect the records from the Kantor every year so that a birth in say 1879 might appear in an 1882 book.

As for the older ones in a family, especially for any that stayed in the Old Country, I have often seen that the birth place is assumed to be the same as the other siblings (Volhynia) when in fact the child was born elsewhere before the family migrated to Volhynia.  

I can't say that either of these possibilities applied to your family but they are worth considering.


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Another big surprise in the information I got yesterday was there were not just 2 siblings of my g-grandfather's who stayed behind, but possibly 4? 


Two more previously unknown siblings came to light; Paul Menke and (writing hard to read) "Tilda" maybe short for Mathilde, also apparently born in the Alexandria, Volhynia area. Tilda and Marie written as "oldest" in the family, so if Marie was 1881, Johann Manke 1879, then Tilda ~ 1877? 


I wonder why so many names don't appear in the database? 


Gustav Menke born 1884 Alexandria or Mariendorf, Volhynia

And now this Paul and "Tilda", no records.


Would the likely reason be missing or illegible pages when Odessa3 was compiled? Or is it possible they show in the films if born prior to 1886 but just didn't get entered into the database? 



   Chris Menke

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