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Thanks, Sigrid.
I looked at those records.  I was so hoping to have this be a 
breakthrough, but I guess the search goes on.
The given name I'm looking for is Henriette Falkenberg (b abt 1859) to 
Gustav Bloch.

On 7/22/2013 1:03 PM, Sigrid Pohl Perry wrote:
> Linda,
> Have you searched in the Lublin parish records database yet? Search 
> here for births, marriages and deaths separately: 
> https://www.sggee.org/research/parishes/lublin_records/lublinsearchinstruct.html
> You will find the marriage of a Bloch, Gustav to a Falkenburg and the 
> births of several children to them. The marriage record provides the 
> names of the parents and will be helpful to you IF this is the brother 
> to your August Bloch. Many families moved between the Lublin area and 
> Volhynia and then immigrated to North America later.
> You may email me directly if you have any other questions. The records 
> may be ordered from the church in Lublin and there are instructions on 
> the website about how to do that.
> Regards,
> Sigrid Pohl Perry
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> My mother was a Bloch and I have so little information about the Bloch
> ancestors that I am  really at a standstill.
> I don't know enough to be able to make any connections.
> The very common name doesn't help!
> So I'm throwing this out on the off chance that someone will see it who
> will be able to provide a clue.
> My grandfather's father was August Bloch who was married to Emelie
> Stebner Matschulat (Matschulat from her first marriage)
> I  looked at the index of marriage records  and August Bloch's marriage
> is listed. But it seems there is no full record on film.
> I know even less about my grandfather's mother Emilie Stebner.
> The only sibling I know about is Gustav Bloch ( married a Falkenburg)
> who was born 1849 in Poland and died in 1895   in Volhynia.
> My Grandfather Theodor was born in Dorofejewka in 1891.
> Children of Gustav and August moved to the area around Edmonton. They
> were Lutheran.
> My mother told me that she had Bloch cousins in North Dakota  and they
> were Baptist.
> Any ideas about how to proceed with so little information?
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