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Thu Jul 25 20:36:37 PDT 2013

When one grows old reason can lead to superstition, it is said 'it comes in three', first Albert, now Nelson. . . 

I think I am becoming superstitious. 

An excerpt from a 2005 e-letter from Nelson Itterman to myself. . . We will miss Nelson.

"The Ittermans' posted on the members database are some of my family. I was born in Volhynia in the village of Neudorf and I was fortunate that my father decided to come to Canada before Christmas 1926. I understand that  I was running through the Moscow Railroad Station at Christmas Day that year. . . 

. . . I’m told that the Ittermanns' came from Konigsburg, East Prussia, or Konigsburg in Prussia. There are several near Berlin, but I have not been able to do the research in that area. I will just follow the leads I have and see where they go, one step at a time."

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