[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Born in Toptscha 1903

Frank Stewner dr.stewner at t-online.de
Sun Jul 28 13:46:57 PDT 2013

The records of someone born in Toptscha 1903 are found in the Rivne (Rowno)

They were recorded in the churchbooks of Tutschin (Tuczyn). 

More is found on http://wolhynien.de/records/Tutschin.htm


Recently a friend of mine discovered the birth record of a younger brother
of my father there.

This Robert Stewner was born 4 Dec 1913 in Kolowert, which is near to
Toptscha. I know of him through the diary of my father as he died during
"Umsiedlung" = resettlement on 10. Feb 1915 to Siberia in Samara.

The record is written in Cyrillic letters as at that time Volhynia was part
of the Russian Empire.


I know that that record was found by chance and that the copy costed 7 Euro.


I do not know if there is an index in the archive. And I do not know how to
undertake searches there by a local.

I will find out during my visit in Linstow in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, where
the festivity of the volhynian museum takes place every September and
persons from Rivne are normally attending.


Greetings from Hamburg

Frank Stewner


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