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There was a community of German tenant farmers with the name of Oliuka (German spelling) in the Luck/Torczyn area, southwest of Torczyn.  Over 80% of the 264 (1904) inhabitants were German.

George Shoning

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Hi list

I'm trying to focus in finding one person's birth and I'm finding a bit
challenging. First because I'm not sure I'm looking on the right files.

I know my ancestors were surrounding Łuck with siblings birth records
from Pulhanow
(=Pulganow) near Polonka, and Ludmilpol until 1895.
Then I only know they were living on a place called "Oljuka" when they left
Volhynia in 1908, still nor sure if this place is actually Volhynia.

Can someone confirm I should be looking into Łuck records?

The birth I'm trying to focus is from Herbert Nörenberg, his marriage
record in Brazil says he was born on 9th of March, 1901.

I started by trying the online records from Luck, but it seems it's not
classified by date or alphabetically.


The only index file for Łuck doesn't seem to be available online hence I
ask if any member got hold of it  (Mikrofilm: 83748) and could make a

Kind Regards

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