[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Searching Volhynian Birth from 1901

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George, Dick, Günther and all

Amazing! I understand both Günther and George are speaking about the same
Talking about emigration formalities, does anyone know if these formalities
were recorded somewhere?

I did at least one full round on 1901's records for Luck. But running
through there I could see births from previous decades. I believe these are
late registries, correct me if I'm wrong.

This would mean I'm better search later years as well.


On 30 July 2013 02:53, George Shoning <shoning at q.com> wrote:

> There was a community of German tenant farmers with the name of Oliuka
> (German spelling) in the Luck/Torczyn area, southwest of Torczyn.  Over 80%
> of the 264 (1904) inhabitants were German.
> George Shoning
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> Hi list
> I'm trying to focus in finding one person's birth and I'm finding a bit
> challenging. First because I'm not sure I'm looking on the right files.
> I know my ancestors were surrounding Łuck with siblings birth records
> from Pulhanow
> (=Pulganow) near Polonka, and Ludmilpol until 1895.
> Then I only know they were living on a place called "Oljuka" when they left
> Volhynia in 1908, still nor sure if this place is actually Volhynia.
> Can someone confirm I should be looking into Łuck records?
> The birth I'm trying to focus is from Herbert Nörenberg, his marriage
> record in Brazil says he was born on 9th of March, 1901.
> I started by trying the online records from Luck, but it seems it's not
> classified by date or alphabetically.
> http://agadd.home.net.pl/metrykalia/439/sygn.%20203/pages/PL_1_439_203_0157.htm
> The only index file for Łuck doesn't seem to be available online hence I
> ask if any member got hold of it  (Mikrofilm: 83748) and could make a
> lookup?
> Kind Regards
> Mauricio
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