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Mon Jun 3 12:42:25 PDT 2013

Dear Nadia, here the translation from the other letter,
                               Steelman 11 Dec. 1930
Dear friend Ernst.
First we want to wish you a merry Christmas even so it is two weeks until then.
We received a letter from uncle Ferdinand, he writes that they send out now the women and children, first they send out the men, he writes that they took them 
away at night and possibly they were not allowed to take anything with them.
It is terribly how things are going on there. And how happy we can be our self's
that we are here , even so we have here not much either we hope that it will be better in time thanks to god we have to eat and drink , only we can’t turn (it) into  money,
It is already a year since i borrowed the money from you but maybe you can leave
it with me, after the holidays i will send you the percent ( interest ?)
you will probably spend the holidays with your friends and take a look  to see if 
Röslner didn’t properly cook the ??? stomach like last year. Miss Leinberdorf  ?
celebrated her anniversary ?  yesterday but she was alone nobody was invited.
and further there is nothing new, please answer or come and visit.
Greetings from wife and children your friend  Reinhold
p.s.the animal that the stomach is from reads like” Starnß”?  anybody got any ideas?
tradional we had Goose for Christmas, my mom always fed me the heart
Heinz Rode

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