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Dear Peter,
As Gene indicated it is hard to predict when the records might come. I thought they "hired" someone to handle these requests so the pastor would not need to do it. Since we are coming into summer I hope they keep their office active.

I would appreciate it if you let me know how long it takes. I have been having troubles getting email responses from pastor Chwastek.


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I have the following question:

I need to order 4 copies of church book entries from the Lutheran / Evangelical  parish in Lublin. I have all the information  needed to find the 4 items in the records. If I submit my request for the 4 copies together with my remittance of 80.00 Euros, how long will it take approximately to get a reply from the parish in Lublin? 

Reason for my question is : 

A friend of mine send his request with the required Euros to the  parish in Lublin about 6 weeks ago.
( all as instructed in the SGGEE page for the Evangelical  parish in Lublin ) My friends has heard nothing back from the parish , (now 6 weeks later) in regards if his request was received. 

Can you please advise how long it could take to get  a reply or confirmation or even the copies of the requested documents from the Lutheran parish in Lublin.
Many thanks for your help.
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