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I requested five documents last fall. After 4 weeks, I sent an email to the
pastor and within a few days had the documents. He apologized for the long
wait and thanked me for my patience, explaining that most of the time, they
only have one person on staff to reply to all the requests. 

Absolutely they were worth waiting for, very high quality, beautiful

I would suggest it is reasonable to expect to wait several weeks, and like I
did, send a follow up email at some point. I wasn't in a hurry to receive
the documents. I sent the follow-up email when I became concerned that
perhaps my order had not reached him when an entire month had passed.  

Joyce Welke Guasch
of Springfield, OR
Researching: Welke, Gurke, Beniamin
Ratz, Lentz, Zimmerman of East Poland
Haner, Lindley, Wisbey, Bailey,
of the US and Germany

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Hi Peter,

I can only suggest that your friend email the pastor at the Lublin church
and provide the date the records were ordered and payment sent. 
Gene's experiences are fairly common. I know others who have received
records within a day or two and also had the time interval stretch to a
couple of months. I know the church hired someone to help  fill these
requests, but often the pastor still attends to them himself. I'm sure that
during Lent, Easter, and Pentecost he was very busy with church
responsibilities. Filling requests probably also depends on how many they
receive. Those of us on the Lublin Project indexing team aren't in regular
communication with the church. It is possible that some other SGGEE members
who have ordered records will also respond to your query. 
I know that some of them were extremely pleased with the records they
eventually received.

Sigrid Pohl Perry

On 6/3/2013 11:30 PM, PETER VON LIPINSKY wrote:
> This message is for Sigrid Pohl Perry
> from Peter von Lipinsky.
> I have the following question:
> I need to order 4 copies of church book entries from the Lutheran /
Evangelical  parish in Lublin. I have all the information  needed to find
the 4 items in the records. If I submit my request for the 4 copies together
with my remittance of 80.00 Euros, how long will it take approximately to
get a reply from the parish in Lublin?
> Reason for my question is :
> A friend of mine send his request with the required Euros to the  parish
in Lublin about 6 weeks ago.
> ( all as instructed in the SGGEE page for the Evangelical  parish in
Lublin ) My friends has heard nothing back from the parish , (now 6 weeks
later) in regards if his request was received.
> Can you please advise how long it could take to get  a reply or
confirmation or even the copies of the requested documents from the Lutheran
parish in Lublin.
> Many thanks for your help.
> Peter
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