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Hi Linda,

One record for Joseph Machel is the confirmation record, the other is his
marriage record in Russian
on film 2380029.

Most places referring back to places in Poland are poorly spelled.  In this
case, we could be
dealing with a Julianów or a Julianowo.  The Warsaw gubernia likely had a
dozen of these.
Remember, it took in a pretty big area, see
where it is colored in a rich purple color (wine? I am not sure what to
call the color.

The marriage record gives exactly the same information regarding place, so
does not help
to narrow it down.  It does name both parents, Michael Machel and Susanne

And of course, the parents of the bride Mathilde Mücke are in the SGGEE
Master Pedigree
Database already, Adolf Muecke and Ernestine Thiede.

Warsaw Lutheran has LDS films 1827-1862.  Online, there is also 1873-1898.
See http://szukajwarchiwach.pl/72/181/0/-/str/1/100#tabJednostki

If your localization of Julianow is correct, and I have no way of knowing
that it is, you
should also consider the parish of Stara Iwiczna, located 11.5 miles due
south of Warszawa.
LDS has filmed marriages 1871-1885 and deaths 1874-1885, but no births.
The inventory at the state archives shows births 1889-1907, but this does
not help you.


On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 2:33 PM, Linda Bowen <lindakbowen at cox.net> wrote:

> I have a record that indicates that Joseph Machel was born in" Julianow ,
> G Waschau" in 1870.
> Julianow is about 18KM south of Warsaw.  Would the birth be recorded in
> the Warsaw parish records ?
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