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Wed Jun 5 13:43:08 PDT 2013

Gottlieb Muecke is Mathilde's brother.  Both are born in Poland in Kalisz
in a village that starts out as War-.  I cannot read the rest of it on
either record.
I will send a scan of both to you to worry over. (I cannot post attachments
the mailing list; if other experts in Russian would like to take a stab at
I can easily send you the two scans I am sending Linda).

Unless your map covered all the area of Warszawa gubernia (as indicated on
the link I sent) AND was extremely detailed, you likely missed it.

The parents Adolf Muecke and Ernestine Thiede were married in Dąbie Lutheran
parish, because this is where Ernestine is from.  Adolf's older brother was
married in Chodecz Lutheran parish, with children born in a town on the
eastern edge of the parish (bordering Kutno Lutheran).


On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 3:32 PM, Linda Bowen <lindakbowen at cox.net> wrote:

> Thanks Al.
>  I did find the confirmation record and the marriage record  in the St
> Pete.   records as well as the records of some of the children's births for
> Adolph Meucke
> and Ernestine Tiede. I didn't see Mathilde's birth and so I wasn't sure
> she if Adolph and Ernestine were her parents. Does the marriage record say
> where Mathilde was born?
> I  will look at the record in the pedigree list for Ernestine Tiede. It
>  has a marriage location so perhaps Mathilde was born there
> Do you happen to know how Gottlieb Muecke married to Caroline Heise fits
> in.
> Are his parents Adolph Muecke and Ernestine Tiede?
> The location of Julianow was what I found on a currant map of Poland.
> Linda
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