[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] St Petersburg records

Margaret Loroff marlo50 at bex.net
Wed Jun 12 19:31:15 PDT 2013

I don't know who will be reading this but I had to write to someone.  

I was reading the church records from St Pete's, I occasionally go thro them
in hopes something new will pop out and give me hope.  This is something I
found, they are not related to me,  I do not know anyone with this name.  

This is births listed.  The family name was spelled two different ways and
it can easily be seen why.

Father Georg Bregnet or Breguet.   Mother Henriette Lillje.

Births:  Son-Peter Herman Breguet   born 3 December 1857  died 30 July1859

            Dau-Julie Wilhelmine Breguet  born 29 April 1859   Zitomir

            Son-Peter Wilhelm Breguet   born 10 August 1860

            Son-Georg Eduard Breguet     born 3 November 1863

            Dau-Henriette Wilhelmine     born 3 November 1863   died 25
November 1863

            Dau-Amalia Bregnet   born 24 December 1865

            Dau-Elizabeth   born 24 December 1865  

            Dau-Julie   born 24 December 1865

            Dau-Wilhelmine   born24 December   Shitomir

I was totally fascinated with these births.  I did not find any death
records for those 4 babies born on the same day.  Infact after that, the
family disappeared from the records.  The birth of Quads

is unusual today, it must have been really astonishing in those days.  And
that was after birth of twins.

As I said, this is not my family but it was very interesting.  I did find
the name in Virginia, Delaware,Conneticut, Massachutts and Rhode Island in
later years.







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