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I have received some clarification (digital copies) regarding this puzzling matter.

There are only two girls (twins).  Recorded in church book year 1865, at bottom of page 504 with no entry #, but following entry #5 is Wilhelmine Julie born 24 December 1864 and noted as a twin.
At the top of page 505 with no entry # but above #6,is Elisabeth Amalia born 24 December 1864 and also shown as a twin.  

I can see how the indexing mistake was made assuming the two names given in each entry plus the notation of zwillinge are individual children.  

Rose Ingram

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  Am 13.06.2013 04:31, schrieb Margaret Loroff:
  > I did not find any death
  > records for those 4 babies born on the same day.  Infact after that, the
  > family disappeared from the records.

  Hello Margaret,
  at least Henriette Wilhelmine died (look at http://wiki.wolhynien.net/index.php/BREGUET,_Georg ).
  By the way, BREGUET was a famous family of Swiss watchmakers.
  The surname LILLJE is of Swedish origin, both not typical for Volhynian colonists (Georg BREGUET was an urban native of 
  Windau, Courland; Swedes settled along the Baltic coasts).

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