[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Location of parishes

B Hirsekorn tggrtime at yahoo.ca
Thu Jun 27 11:38:47 PDT 2013

Everyone's information was helpful although not narrow enough to
find what I am looking for. 

Since the records on the State Archives in Poland are listed
as "Księgi
metrykalne parafii wyznania rzymskokatolickiego z diecezji przemyskie" or"Akta stanu
cywilnego Parafii Unickiej w Kożanach " and information provided vague,
a more detailed map is required. Something like the Lodz area map in a previous

Does anyone have any idea how to find a map like this?

The records are written in Russian – not an easy
language – so the narrower the search area the better.

Thanks. Betty 

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