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There are no maps of Poland focussing on Catholic, Lutheran, Reformed
(etc.) parishes.
In the references that follow, you must understand the time reference of
the location
referred to.  Today's boundaries of Poland are not your point of
reference.  And I am
not aware of any maps that show every village and show boundaries between
indicating which villages fall to the left, which to the right of a
border.  Non-existent.

The map for "Prussian Poland" you alluded to is only for the Posen region,
and does not
include Schlesien, Pommern, Westpreussen or Ostpreussen.

For the Posen region, see

For Westpreussen, use www.westpreussen.de to identify villages etc.  I do
recall parish maps, however.  This is one of the best websites I know.

For Roman Catholic (Kościół rzymsko-katolicki), see the book of maps by
Stanisław Litak, “The Latin
Church in the Polish Commonwealth in 1772”. This
was the best $20 I ever spent.  It is now available
on CD only.  Through PGSA for sure, though likely also Amazon.
This is not on the internet.

For Lutheran parishes (Kościół ewangelicki), see the SGGEE map page
(members only) where
there are two maps of a Evangelical Lutheran Parishes in Poland in 1939
See https://www.sggee.org/research/SGGEEMaps.html
Both area in the djvu format.  I use the second one a lot; it comes from p.
of p. 333 of Eduard Kneifel’s "Geschichte der Evangelisch-Augsburgischen
Kirche in Polen",
which can be downloaded at *http://www.eduardkneifel.eu/*

Keep in mind that the images at www.szukajwarchiwach.pl
represent only a fraction of the holdings of any of the archives.

Some images are at http://metryki.genealodzy.pl/
Some are at http://metryki.genbaza.com/genbaza,list,4,1

There is also an issue of "where ARE the records?" for certain parishes.
partially gone, totally gone.

For the foreseeable future, there will NOT be a single search engine
to type in a specific name (like at www.familysearch.org or www.ancestry.com
and have a record come up.  That requires indexing, indexing, indexing.
And if you want the actual record linked to the index also? DREAM ON, folks.
Where is this manpower (or womanpower) going to come from?

You can go parish-hopping till you find your ancestors (this seems rather
haphazard and a serious waste of time) or learn how to use the Polish
gazeteers (for example, at
--it is a bit overbroad for what most people need).

A footnote.  Jerry Frank's maps of Volhynia do include the Lutheran parish

Happy searching.

Al Muth


On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 2:38 PM, B Hirsekorn <tggrtime at yahoo.ca> wrote:

> Everyone's information was helpful although not narrow enough to
> find what I am looking for.
> Since the records on the State Archives in Poland are listed
> as "Księgi
> metrykalne parafii wyznania rzymskokatolickiego z diecezji przemyskie"
> or"Akta stanu
> cywilnego Parafii Unickiej w Kożanach " and information provided vague,
> a more detailed map is required. Something like the Lodz area map in a
> previous
> listing
> (
> http://maps.google.de/maps?hl=de&um=1&q=http://www.birchy.com/Geek/GeneaologyRecords.kmz&ie=UTF-8&source=websearch
> )
> Does anyone have any idea how to find a map like this?
> The records are written in Russian – not an easy
> language – so the narrower the search area the better.
> Thanks. Betty
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