[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] update on using www.szukajwarchiwach.pl

Albert Muth albertmuth734 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 12:46:26 PST 2013

The list for March 2013 of the record groups that the Polish State Archives
has just
uploaded may be found at
You need to know the archive branch number.

Białystok 4

Kalisz 11

Katowice 12

Koszalin 26

Kraków 29

Leszno 34

Lublin 35

Poznań 53

Poznań Oddzial w Koninie 54

Rzeszów 59

Suwałki 63

Zielona Góra 89

These are the only archive branches that are posting now in March 2013.  If
you have been using the service already, you know
that Warszawa's number is 72.  I have not tracked the numbers of the other
archive branches participating in the beta test.

To learn how to find a set of records, let's just consider the first item
on the PDF file
that I refer you to at the beginning of this email:   Akta stanu cywilnego
Okręgu Bożniczego w Sokołach,
a set of Jewish records stored in the archives branch in Białystok.

To find the records online, go to

When the page opens, you will see a bright red arrow that says "Collection".
click on the term "units  [45/45]"

You may change the number of items (list of record types) you are seeing on
a page.
Right above the listing, you see a drop-down menu labelled "Liczba
jednostek na stronie".
You may select 15 30 50 or 100.  I chose 100.

In the right-hand column named "Number of Sheets", this is where you will
find the
record set that has digitized records.  Many of the columns have a zero;
where there is
a number, click on it. that will take you to the records.

The first item that has digital images is named "Duplikat urodzonych
i zmarłych wyznania niechrześcijańskiego Okręgu Sokoły za rok 1867"
The information in each of the four columns is "clickable", though they
don't look
like the hyperlinks that we are accustomed to.

When the page opens, you can see the call number highlighted in red
Click on "digital copies 20" located just to the right of it.

Again, you have the option of determining the number of digital images that
see on the screen 15, 30, 50 or 100.  Let's all select 100.

This appears to be item 4 of an LDS film #1191940.

As you highlight each image, you can see the name of it, below.
I can see indices on files 9, 11 and 18, in the same positions that you
would see it on the microfilm, and gee, the original record book!  The
normal order is birth, marriage, death.

On image 7, left side, bottom you will find the birth of a child
Jankiel Chaim Notkowicz.  Normally, a citation would include
the film number, year and record number.  Maybe a page number also
if you wanted to get fancy.

However, in the digital age, this is not sufficient.  What URL are you
going to use?
At the top of my page, I see
I will confess that I still take notes by hand. The thought of writing all
that down is very daunting.

For the moment, I have a single source that points to the general address
Where normally I put my film #/year/record #, I am putting the number of
the collection, in this
case 4/265/l0/-/26.  For this record, I would add the words "Image 7".  I
would add a note
that the record is 1867/#16.

Elizabeth Shown Mills, I am not.  But if there are any budding
bibliographers out there who
can help us out on citation formatting, every last one of us should and
would be grateful.

Al Muth

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