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> I was checking out SGGEE's list of Lutheran records in Poland at
> https://www.sggee.org/research/parishes/church_parishes/LutheransInRusPoland.html
> and found a set of records or two or three that even I did not know
> about.  I must be slacking.  Maintaining this page is turning into a
> gargantuan task, so many thanks to the webmaster for staying on top of
> things.
> The records I want to comment about are those for the Lutheran parish of
> I??w.  In the 19th century, as filmed by LDS, the records are sporadic in
> coverage.  Now, all of a sudden, I now see at
> http://metryki.genbaza.com/genbaza,list,40566,1for Births 1834-1896,
> Marriages 1847-1906 and Deaths 1870-1898. I??w records are housed in the
> filial archive of Grodzisk.
> Genbaza is separate from the ZoSIA project of the state archives that I
> have been writing about. One wonders how the two will eventually fit
> together.  No explanations anywhere.
> For a map and list of coverage, see http://metryki.genealodzy.pl/

> Meanwhile, for the adjacent parish of ?owicz, we now have births
> 1865-1874, marriages 1856-1874, deaths 1860-1874.  See
> http://metryki.genealodzy.pl/metryki.php?op=kt&ar=3&zs=1573d&sy=101
> The records for the previous period were not filmed, but SGGEE was
> fortunate enough to have access to copies of the originals.
> All of these records are for Russian Poland only, not Volhynia.
> Al
> I recently posted on the Facebook Poland Genealogy about a bit of my
experience with these exact scans.
So there's two websites of Church Record scans that have probably been
mentioned on here. I have found overlap between them, and one has
extracted information from some of the scans, yet does not have all
the scans that the other one has.

The first one I found by way of SGGEE's Lutheran Church Parishes page:
This page has links to Parish Record scans provided by two different
websites. One is Metryki.GenBaza.pl
Here's the root page for that one:

There are a lot of scans available here, both Catholic and Lutheran.
However, only the Parish, the Year, and possibly the Record Type
(Birth,Marriage,Death) are labelled, because they are labels for the
'folders' in the website menu. Once you get to the actual pages, it's
just file names with no any other information. The only help for using
these are that most books have an index on the very last one or two
pages, or indexes after each year (in a multi-year book) or an index
after each record type section (Births, etc). You have to click
through the images to find these, as the image filenames have no
indication of what is on a page. Most will have an index on the one or
two last image files. Others will have images of the index pages
somewhere within. Click through. It's no different than turning pages.

While trying to make my own little list of a books filenames with a
description or any names and villages I could decipher on each page,
had to Google a bit to figure out what villages would be in a Parish,
in order to get clues deciphering the handwriting. I found another
website that has a bit of overlap with some of the Metryki.GenBaza
scans: metryki.genealodzy.pl - Projeckt indeksacji metryk parafialnych
[Parish Record Indexing Project].

The main page has a menu to see what scans are available for parishes
first according to the Wojewod [Province]. For instance, mazowieckie
[Mazovia]. Then you see the powiaty [districts], and how many 'books'
are viewable. For Mazovia, there are 23 districts with scans, and some
districts like Lipsko have 1 'books', while Grodzki m. Warszawa has
29. Click on the district, and you see books of different parishes.

However, there is a different way to peruse the metryki.genealodzy.pl
records. Some of the scans have had the names, places, and dates

To see the list of Parishes that have had had information extracted,
go here: http://metryki.genealodzy.pl/metryki.php?op=ch

If you click on one of these, say Kazun Polski, you will only see the
first five of each type (Birth, Death, Marriage). You can choose how
many records to show per page by finding 'pozycji na stronie' on the
top right side (NOT VERY TOP) and selecting '5, 10, 20, or 50'.
However, it seems that if there are many hundreds, you may have to
restrict the records to a certain year, or record type. There's no way
to choose a year, so you have to enter in the number (eg., 1808) in
either 'od roku' [from year] or 'do roku' [to year].
It's probably easier to restrict to record type: Urodzenia [Birth],
Zgony [Death], or Malzenstwa [Marriage]. You do this with the
Drop-Menu labelled 'Ksiega' toward the left side of the page.
Finally, you can also search by names, but I doubt that this site has
the capability to look for spelling variations. To search for a name,
enter it into the blank text-box labelled 'Nazwisko' on the left side
of the page. You should be able to press the 'Enter' key when you want
to apply any restrictions to a search, but you can also click on the
little button on the left side labelled 'Wyszukaj'.

Although it is helpful to find a site with extracted information, I
figured out that this one, Metryki.Genealodzy.Pl, DOES NOT have all of
the same scans as Metryki.GenBaza. For example, GenBaza has scans for
Kazun Polski from 1808-1855, whereas Metryki.Genealodzy.pl has only

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