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Dear Thomas,
So it seems your ancestor lived near Lublin/Chelm. I assume you know about the Lublin database SGGEE has publiclally available:
A big challenge you are faced with is that the Lutheran church in Kamien burned down around 1916 so all records from 1876-World War I are essentially lost although I believe duplicate copies of these records must be surviving somewhere but they are not at the Lublin church. Why do I say duplicate copies must have survived? Because in the Lublin project we find Alegata birth certifications from Kamien for 1920s-30s marriages so they were able to copy Napoleonic records after World War I. Those certifications were written in Chelm so perhaps someone can track whether those records still reside there or moved elsewhere.
You can find several children for Andreas Henschel and Rosalie Frank in the database. Instructions on the web site are given for how you can order records from the church in Lublin. 
Regarding alegata there is a Micheal Henschel born 1872 to Christoph Henschel and Justine Otto in Karasica, Brzeziny, Piotrkow as a 1898 birth certification. Michael married in 1899 in Kamien. Many more years of alegata for marriages conducted in Kamien are being extracted now and should be in the database in another year but don't expect all years to be covered. Alegata in the Lublin archive only cover sporadic years for Kamien.
When you talk about Brzezin, Chelm and based on the birth certification decribed above I believe you should be considering Brzeziny near Lodz, Piotrkow and west of Rawa. There is no Brzeziny affiliated with Chelm so you should concentrate your eariler efforts in that direction. Unfortunately no records are know to have survived from Brzeziny. The alegata described came from Brzeziny while the church still served a German population (1898) but any records residing at that church were probably destroyed during WW II. If you are lucky maybe Lowicz has something for you. It seems your ancestors left Karasica, Brzeziny between 1872-1883 and settled near Chelm.
Let me know if you have more questions.

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To all,

to continue the search for my ancestor i need help.
I search for informations or documents by:
Andreas Henschel * 21. Nov. 1883 in Klesztow / Chelm / Lublin / Poland

Christoph Henschel * 6. Dec. 1852 in Karasica or Marywil ( near Lowicz )  +
unknown date in Klesztow / Chelm

Justine Ott(o) *7. March 1852 in Brzezin / Chelm

Daniel Ott(o) * unknown date  + unknown date in Brzezin / Chelm

Karoline Henschel * unknown date  + unknown date inBrzezin / Chelm

Rosalie Frank * 29. March 1891 in Wladyslawow / Chelm / Lublin / Poland

All  informations I have are from the SGGEE- Database and from the EWZ.

I would be grateful if anybody can help me in getting any further

Thomas Frielinghaus

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