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I have had copies of the 2 films (FHC 1945745 and 1945746) for about 6 years.  These are birth index films.  One side of the  film is for the right side and the other film is for the left side of the church record.  Both my grandmother and great grandmother were on the same films.  Talk about luck!  
My only clue to find my grandmother and great grandmother was that I had a copy of THE PERMISSION TO GO ABROAD.  It was issued by Sudargen town officials in May 1871 and signed by the pastor of the Protestant Lutheran Church of Szaki (Sakiai) and Sudargen (Sudargas).  I was told that the church was heavily destroyed in WWII and that records probably did not survive.  Can anyone confirm this?  Where can I try and locate more records?
My ggrandmother Emilie Berta PYK (Pieck) was born 9 March 1850.  Parents:  Jan Ferdinand and Henrika Hu?sing.  My grandmother Joana Friedrika Halbe was born 24 July 1868:  Parents: Friedrik Gustav and Emilie Berta PYK (Pieck).
Gustav Halbe emigrated to the USA on the Ship Borussia and arrived New York 27 March 1868.  German passenger list stated from Konigsburg (Kreis?).  Emilie and daughter Joana emigrated to the USA  on the ship Hammonia and arrived in New York 12 Oct 1871.
Passenger list (German) stated from Lasdehnen (East Prussia).  All church, census, naturalizatrion, death certificates state from Germany.
I am in my 80s and just don't know how to proceed with this.  Any suggestions?  
Lois Bolnick, New Hampshire

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