[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] http://poczekalnia.genealodzy.pl/pliki/AP-Lodz/

Klaus-Guenter Leiss LeissKG at web.de
Sun Mar 31 02:05:33 PDT 2013

Am 30 Mar 2013 um 17:53 hat Michael Stockhausen geschrieben:
> Does anybody know if/how it is possible to download more than just one
> picture at a time from http://poczekalnia.genealodzy.pl/pliki/AP-Lodz/  
> perhpas the entire folder?

That depends on your web browser. Firefox at least has plugins that
can do this.

if you want to download all links on a page  like

you can use the DownThemAll plugin from

if you want to download part of tree of webpages you have
to use a web-site downloader like ScrapBook or HTTrack

If you do not want or can not install firefox on the computer you
use, you can use a portable version of firefox that will run from
an USB drive. It can be found at 


with kind regards

Klaus Leiss

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