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I have not used this add-on (which is available for other browsers as well) but I doubt it will work in the case of the images we want to see and peruse.  In some cases, we link to a page that gives you a text link to the original record image.  Since the images are not all on one page, you cannot download them all at once.  The images might all be in a single folder in the background but that folder cannot be opened without an ftp connection.  The description of the software does not say that it can download the image behind the link so I assume it would not work in this situation.

Some of the pages do show the jpg images on the page but these are thumbnail images.  If you download the image and open it on your computer, you will find that it is unreadable.  It is effectively simply a link to a more readable image that can only be opened one at a time.  In this case it definitely will not work.


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Am 30 Mar 2013 um 17:53 hat Michael Stockhausen geschrieben:
> Does anybody know if/how it is possible to download more than just one
> picture at a time from http://poczekalnia.genealodzy.pl/pliki/AP-Lodz/  
> perhpas the entire folder?

That depends on your web browser. Firefox at least has plugins that
can do this.

if you want to download all links on a page  like

you can use the DownThemAll plugin from

if you want to download part of tree of webpages you have
to use a web-site downloader like ScrapBook or HTTrack

If you do not want or can not install firefox on the computer you
use, you can use a portable version of firefox that will run from
an USB drive. It can be found at 


with kind regards

Klaus Leiss

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