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Klaus-Guenter Leiss LeissKG at web.de
Sun Mar 31 10:06:37 PDT 2013

Am 31 Mar 2013 um 6:38 hat Jerry Frank geschrieben:

> I have not used this add-on (which is available for other browsers as well)
> but I doubt it will work in the case of the images we want to see and
> peruse.  In some cases, we link to a page that gives you a text link to the
> original record image.  Since the images are not all on one page, you
> cannot download them all at once.  The images might all be in a single
> folder in the background but that folder cannot be opened without an ftp
> connection.  The description of the software does not say that it can
> download the image behind the link so I assume it would not work in this
> situation.

You may be right. Any interested person would have to try.But if your browser
can access them, then some utilities might work since they use
the browser as an proxy.

> Some of the pages do show the jpg images on the page but these are
> thumbnail images.  If you download the image and open it on your computer,
> you will find that it is unreadable.  It is effectively simply a link to a
> more readable image that can only be opened one at a time.  In this case it
> definitely will not work.
This depends, correct image links will be understood. This Utilities use 
the same logic as any browser to access the underlying image. If you
can click in your browser and the image opens then this utilities will
download them. You wil have to do some serious user agent detection
to prevent, this because most utilities can fake the browser agent.
If the link is hidden in some javascript it may not work. At least Httrack
tries to parse javascript.

Klaus Leiss

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