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Villages are often spelled phonetically in records so you have to experiment some to find how it is spelled on a map. This village name could begin with the following combinations of letters: Pya-, Pja-, Piya- , Pija- , etc. Your ancestors lived near Wladimir Wolhynsk, didn't they? Looking for some of these combinations shows that a Pyatydni is just west of that city. "Las" or "Les" usually refers to a forested area near another village. Often a settlement near an existing village will have an ending on the name of the village; these don't show on all maps. I'm NOT saying this is your village. But this is the kind of research you need to do to find a village if the spelling is not the "official" spelling.

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In a marriage record from Heinrich Christoph Tiefenbacher from  Pyatidenskiy 
Les, I googled this village and got not one hit, can someone help me where this 

Thank You
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