[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] The SGGEE 2013 Convention in Seattle.

wg7 wg7 at theunion.net
Sat May 4 16:47:31 PDT 2013

Hi, For some months now I have been trying to get on the agenda for the 2013 SGGEE Convention.  Prior Emails between me and the organizers were positive as I have a book about to be published that covers much of the Protestant history in the Volhynia and surrounding areas. This book covers events in East Volhynia that heretofore have not been covered anywhere else.  This makes the book very unique and rare.  The book is derived from a hand written memoir by my deceased father Arthur Grenz and is a testimonial of the good and horrific times during the Czarist and Stalinist era commencing in 1853 and ending in 1944.
I am very disappointed to find that somewhere along the line the communications between us faded into oblivion.
I have also reviewed the current agenda which apparently  is chiseled in stone at this point . While it includes various speakers and presenters that deal with very important issues that young families  of today are confronted with  I found little or nothing that has to do with focusing on the genealogy of Germans from Russian Poland & Volhynia----“
This is hard to understand since there are many other active and prominent organizations who have deal with the problems of young families.(NAMI for one)  Are you changing your mission statement ?  What is the justification for this type of agenda change?
My sister Lilly an d I were born in Zhitomir in the late 1930’s We believe that there are many decedents in Canada dn the USA of  families such as ours who considered Volhynia their new home after leaving Germany in the 1800’s who would be interested in our book. My other sibling have joined to form Grenz LLC who will likely enter into a contrract with Amazon.com to publish the book in Ebook format.  Limited  soft cover quantities may be available.  the book is titled “Last Train From Hell” as it includes an descriptive episode where or family was in the very last passenger train that escaped Koenigsberg in 1944. Perhaps closer coordination will enable me to do a presentation at the 2014 SGGEE convention.
Pleas pass this Email on to the correct persons who would respond.
Best Regards.
W. Grenz, for Grenz LLC

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