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Not sure where this Penina is coming from but my grandfather and his Reinholz family came from Pinino which is really no longer there other than a few markers.... It is in Poland.  I was in the area back in 2005.   

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I don't see where anyone has responded to this message.  If you go back to that archived message, you will find Suzanne's email address disguised in the form name_at_server.com.  Change _at_ to @ and you will have her direct access (assuming she is still using it).

Penina is probably a "sounds-like" name that I have not been able to identify.  If you can come up with something more accurate, say from a passenger ship record, we'd be happy to try to help further.


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I came across this list researching my Great-Great-Grandfather, Christian Reinholz (3 March 1850 - 20 March 1926). He married Louise Wentland (15 Apr 1858 - 5 Oct 1923) around 1873.

Specifically, I found this thread with a message from Suzanne Wickum and was hoping to connect with her.


I have copies of Christian's death record and naturalization papers, but I do not know anything about his parents nor much about his life prior to his arrival in the United States. His naturalization document shows his birthplace as, "Penina Russia Poland."

Any information, help or suggestions as to where I can search is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Robin Prigge
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