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Al Muth - Thank you for the information on the villages named Pinino. I very much appreciate it.

Suzanne - Could you please tell me where, exactly, the Pinino that the Reinholtz family came from is located? I found an old map that shows Pinino in the Powiat of Nieszawski and am curious if this is the correct area.

Robin Prigge

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Would anyone be able to tell my who August Knull's parents were? Or his  
Wife Suzanna Fritz Knull?
I would so greatly appreciate any information you  can give me.
August Knull was my Grandmother, Emma nee Knull Buelow's father.
Thanks for any help you can give to me.
Bruce Braun

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Not sure where this  Penina is coming from but my grandfather and his 
Reinholz family came from  Pinino which is really no longer there other than a 
few markers.... It is in  Poland.  I was in the area back in 2005.    


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Jerry and Suzanne,

Thank you for  your responses. 

Suzanne, I'm guessing that we probably have  the
same information, but am happy to compare and share. I took "Penina"  from 
Christian's Naturalization records. No doubt it was either misspelled or  I 
didn't read it correctly. Thank you for confirming the Pinino  spelling.

Do either of you have any suggestions as to where else to  look for 
additional information? Suzanne, having been to that area, were you  able to search 
any archives? Are there archives? Forgive me, as this is one  region that I 
do not know much about. 

Thanks, again!

Robin  Prigge

On 5/6/2013 3:44 PM, Albert Muth wrote:

The online 19th century gazetteer of Poland names only two villages
named Pinino.  See
There are tools all over the internet for English speakers to interpret
the entries in Polish.  This is the most basic of tools for conducting
place research in the historical boundaries of Poland.

To use the gazetteer, you must know how to spell in Polish, learn
how letters alphabetize in Polish, AND be able to input correctly spelled
place-names IN POLISH, using a tool such as http://polish.typeit.org/
and copying the spelling into a search box.  (Oh my, the sacrifices one has
to make to do genealogy in Russian Poland.  JUST DO IT!)

For Pinino, this is unnecessary.

One village is in the powiat of Nieszawa. The Catholic parish would be
You do not need this now, but it may become necessary prior to the founding
of the local Lutheran parish, which is Nieszawa itself.  This Pinino is
located at 52°49' N 18°37'
is located 19.1 km. due West of Nieszawa.

The other village named Pinino is in the powiat of Rypin. The Catholic
would be Żałe.  The briefest familiarity with the bigger names points to
Michałki Evangelical church. The surname Reinholz is not in the
birth indices for the 1850 time frame.

The records for Evangelical Nieszawa were never microfilmed, but are
available in the Toruń archives branch at Włocławek.  There are several
of us looking forward to when these records will be digitized and go online
at the http://www.szukajwarchiwach.pl/ website.  Unfortunately, there
is no timetable stating when this will happen, but hopefully, in the next
few years.

AL Muth

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