[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] expulsion of Germans from the East at the end of the Second World War

Kenneth Browne kbrowne01518 at gmail.com
Mon May 13 17:09:47 PDT 2013

On 05/13/2013 07:26 PM, Helen Gillespie wrote:
> The German magazine Der Spiegel regularly puts special issues covering specific topics.  In 2002, they covered the flight and expulsion of Germans from the East. Unfortunately it is in German.  The PDF versions (on the left side of the page) do include some photos.  Some are pretty grim.Although the articles don't cover Wolhynians specifically, their experiences would be about the same.
> http://www.spiegel.de/spiegel/spiegelspecial/index-2002-2.html
> My own family experienced some of this.
If you copy the above URL and paste it into the left side of Google 
translate you will get a decent translation of
the article, with links to the inside pages preserved and translated, 
into English or whatever language Google
Translate offers.

I have letters written in Yiddish and English from an ancestress who 
had been expelled from Poland and was living
in Berlin between 1931 and 1937. I have been unable to determine 
whether she and her family died during the
Holocaust, although I suspect so. The letters were written to my ggf 
who was a German Lutheran, but the author
described herself as Jewish and as his sister in law.

I will be poring over this 2002 article to see if I can learn anything 
new and specific about how and when ethnic
Germans were kicked out of Poland and had passports confiscated.

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