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A quick look online turned up for me a page in Boris Mironov, "The Standard 
of Living and Revolutions in Russia, 1700-1917".  On p. 78 he says that in 
the 18th century, military service was required between ages of 17 and 35. 
In 1825, the minimum was raised to 18; in 1832, to 20.  With the military 
reform (universal draft) of 1874, it remained at 20 (attain age 20 by Jan. 1 
of year drafted). In 1918 this changed to attaining age 20 by Oct. 1 of the 
year drafted, effectively making it 18 3/4.  Hence for those born before 
1893, the average agof of their induction was 21; for those born after 1893, 
average age was 20.  In 1918, for obvious reasons, the minimum age was 
lowered to 18.

This of course says nothing about the system of exemptions and of further 
classifications. But you only asked about the minimum age, and besides, I 
don't remember these other regulations, although I have seen them in books. 
The info is out there, if you look.  Anyway your relatives' leaving at age 
19 or 20 is certainly understandable.  My dad didn't wait that long.  He 
left in 1911 at age 17, and he said that avoiding the draft was the reason. 
I think he left then because a friend of his was leaving also.

Dick Benert

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Can anyone tell me when Volhynian young men would have been subject to
being drafted into the tsarist army?  I have in mind the period around 
(It seems several of my relatives emigrated at age 19 or 20, even if  it
meant the family came later.)

Can anyone recommend a book that would answer similar questions of
interest, including those I can't think to ask?

Dan Pratt
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