[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] letter oct. 30 1929

heinz rode heinz_rode at telus.net
Thu May 30 20:07:23 PDT 2013

My dear son, I received your nice letter from Sept.10th, from you and Oskar in the the same week, i was elated that that you are ( both) healthy  and alive. and Oskar writes he has managed well and will give 500 $ to Bieberdorf, my child that  gives me great joy
it is good  even so I cannot have it  (two lines make little sense, repeate ) anyway I am 
already  very happy to hear this. I am also happy that Oskar has his own place so they don’t have to move so  far, when God helps that they will ( be able ) to pay out, that is
already good. My dear son we have lived through bad times, let God bless every man freely, why do humans have to be tormented and harrassed  and that they should give
grains? and that will not last very long, until they spring maybe then we will be all kaputt (finished).

They take away the bread and potatoes from the farmer and they don.t care if the farmer has enough for himself, the whole inventar  is sold and so every one feels badly
and one has no friendly word for everyone. Lucky is the one that is already dead. I cannot write to you everything but when you get this letter write me  that you did re-
ceive it and when you write to me do not write anything about our problems. the fall
is nice so far and little rain and all the land work is finished . and a hallo from ? and 
a hallo from? and Langs, they are all o.k. God knows how it will go on, I have written badly I am bushed. Very happy greetings from your Mother Adelöb Wohl.

I also wrote today to Oskar, and I am happy that you will answer me. I am happy when 
I read these letters otherwise there is only despair.

here a blood sign? ( not familiar with this, aparently a bloody finger print)

with a tear in my eye, a freely translated letter, by Heinz Rode

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