[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] letter oct. 30 1929

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Thank you so much Heinz! I am so impressed that you were able to translate
this letter from my great-grandmother, especially because the script seemed
completely indecipherable to me! Everything you have translated makes
complete sense: she is writing to her son Ernst Hehn and referring to her
son-in-law Oscar Cilz who had also immigrated to North Dakota.

I only have two questions:
1) My great-grandmother's name was Josefina Hehn (nea Lang), but she signs
this letter "your Mother Adelöb Wohl." Is Adelöb Wohl a name or could it
mean something else as well?
2) Does she actually say "here a blood sign?"

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> Huh?
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> > My dear son, I received your nice letter from Sept.10th, from you and
> Oskar in the the same week, i was elated that that you are ( both) healthy
> and alive. and Oskar writes he has managed well and will give 500 $ to
> Bieberdorf, my child that gives me great joy
> > it is good even so I cannot have it (two lines make little sense,
> repeate ) anyway I am
> > already very happy to hear this. I am also happy that Oskar has his own
> place so they don’t have to move so far, when God helps that they will ( be
> able ) to pay out, that is
> > already good. My dear son we have lived through bad times, let God bless
> every man freely, why do humans have to be tormented and harrassed and that
> they should give
> > grains? and that will not last very long, until they spring maybe then
> we will be all kaputt (finished).
> >
> > They take away the bread and potatoes from the farmer and they don.t
> care if the farmer has enough for himself, the whole inventar is sold and
> so every one feels badly
> > and one has no friendly word for everyone. Lucky is the one that is
> already dead. I cannot write to you everything but when you get this letter
> write me that you did re-
> > ceive it and when you write to me do not write anything about our
> problems. the fall
> > is nice so far and little rain and all the land work is finished . and a
> hallo from ? and
> > a hallo from? and Langs, they are all o.k. God knows how it will go on,
> I have written badly I am bushed. Very happy greetings from your Mother
> Adelöb Wohl.
> >
> > I also wrote today to Oskar, and I am happy that you will answer me. I
> am happy when
> > I read these letters otherwise there is only despair.
> >
> > here a blood sign? ( not familiar with this, aparently a bloody finger
> print)
> >
> > with a tear in my eye, a freely translated letter, by Heinz Rode
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