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Sun Nov 3 17:36:22 PST 2013

I am still searching for information on my great grandparents: Christoph
Henkel (born about 1836) - his father was Johann Henkel and mother's maiden
name was possibly Stephan.  My great grandmother was Christine Holtz (born
about 1840)  A second cousin told me they were from the Posen-Pommerania
area but had no other information.  I don't know where or when they were
married.  I know they lived in Egersdorf after marriage as they had a child,
Michael, born July, 1860 and died in February 1862 in Egersdorf.  So looks
like I need to research in Posen area for great great grandfather Johann
Henkel and great grandparents Christoph and Christine.  Can you lead me in
the right direction?


I also have questions regarding some of their children:


2nd Child - Christoph born 5 Oct., 1863 In Krecznitz, Lublin - this is my
second cousin's grandfather and I have his family info

3rd Child - Anna Rosine (Rosalie?) born Feb, 1867 in Bielsko (Bilesko?) and
died in Malinowka March, 1872 - is Bielsko near Lublin?  

4th Child - Wilhemine born 16 April, 1870 in Malinowka, Lublin - baptized 17
April, 1870 in Lublin - no one seems to know anything else about her - no
marriage, death records - what happened to her?

5th Child - Ludwig born 30 January or 2 Feb. 1873 in Malinowka, Chelm and
baptized 31 January 1873 in Lublin - this is my grandfather

6th Child - August born 27 May, 1876 in Leckowitz Kreis Wlad, baptized 28
April, 1878 in Mariendorf - although his parents are listed as Christoph and
Christine Henkel I'm not sure - again my cousin does not know of an August
Henkel and 

I don't know if this birthplace is close to Lublin where the family seems to
have been.  I can find no marriage or death records.

7th Child - Johann born 3, January 1878 - do not know birthplace other than
family says Volhynia - married Julia Ruchotzke and both immigrated to
Manitoba, Canada

8th Child - Sophia born in 1884 - family lists only that she was born in
Volhynia.  I do know she lived in Olgin and married Alexander Ruchotske -
both of them immigrated to Manitoba, Canada.  I cannot find birth, baptism
or marriage 

records for her


Further questions about my grandparents, Ludwig and Franciska

-          They had children Carl (born 15 August 1901) and Marie (born 30
July 1906) - families only know they were born in Volhynia.  They immigrated
to Manitoba, Canada with their parents.  I don't know where my grandparents
were living - Lublin? Olgin? Natalin?

-          Grandmother Franciska was born 15 January 1881 and baptized 11
April, 1881 in Josefow, Galicia.  Parents were Johann Michaliewicz ( I can
find no information about him) and Marie Tuczek

-          I believe I have correct information about my great grandmother
Marie Tuczek - she was born 6 September 1844 in Czermin Krepno Poznanskiego
(Posnan)  Her parents were Johann Tuczek and Anna Prowaznik.  I have no
marriage or death records for Marie.  Were they Lutheran???  Michaliewicz
and Tuczek sound like Polish names and makes me think they were Catholic.
However they had their daughter, Franciska, baptized in the Lutheran church
in Josefow. 


Lots of questions, I know.  Sigrid, Karl and Gunther have been so helpful in
the past.  Info about Marie Tuczek came from Tad Wysocki.  Thank you so much
for your help!



Carole (Henkel) Schlesselman








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