[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Using the SGGEE website on an IPad

Jerry Frank franklyspeaking at shaw.ca
Tue Nov 12 09:28:47 PST 2013

Some people have advised that there are problems with our site menu system when trying to use it on an IPad.

We have duplicated this problem in that hovering over a menu link or even clicking on it does not reveal the sub-menu as it should.

However, we also discovered a work-around to this problem.  We hope that it will work for all of you.

So, if you click on "About Us", the sub-menu does not appear.  However, if you next click on another main menu item such as "Research", the sub-menu will appear.  If you go back to "About Us" and click on it again, the sub-menu for it shows up.  This should apply to the other main menu items as well.  (Note:  There are no sub-menus for "Volunteer" or for "Convention".)

We had assumed that the Safari browser system for the IPad would function the same as Safari on other Mac products.  Apparently it does not and for now, this is the only solution we can offer.


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