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I checked the Jozefin and Jozefina locations from the gazetteer. They were too far from what little information I have.

The only information on the Busenius family comes from family stories - unreliable. Jozefin was said to be the village the mother was sent to as a helper for her grandparents and Warsaw as the birth place of the children. 

I am putting the two together as a starting point. By finding at least one child's birth record, I hope to find more about the parents. 
Betty Hirsekorn

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 What source do you have that suggests
 it is the right one?  Our gazetteer lists 4 locations
 with that name as places where Germans settled in Russian
 Poland and 2 more with the spelling Jozefina.  You may
 have to broaden your search.
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 Finally found Jozefin (Kol. Jozefin) on Gilly Map D2. 
 Since it is located approximately half way between Warsaw
 and Radzymin, where is it likely births were registered
 between 1875 and 1899? 
 If Warsaw, which church or parish? 
 Betty Hirsekorn 
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