[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Where are these places?

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Linda and Jerry, don't overlook the very small village of Radzymin, NW of 
Warsaw, as you search for a good fit.  See my correspondence w/Al Muth 

"I have been searching in the CITY of Radzymin, NE of Warsaw,  which is 
where my mother Olga Brade was baptized 1907 and later confirmed.  But a 
cousin-by-marriage in Germany corrected me and pointed me to the VILLAGE of 
Radzymin, NW of Warsaw, for earlier generations."   ....Edie McKelvy

"Records in Russian Poland are not organized by village; one needs to know 
parish.  The village Radzymin NW of Warsaw is at 52°34' N 20°22' E
The closest Lutheran parish was Płońsk , 3.7 miles or 6 km to the North." 
....Al Muth

Best Wishes....

Edith Rimpel McKelvy
Silverdale WA


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Jadwigow is a short distance east of Elizabetpol, just north of Swojczow.  I 
have no idea where the Schwinerow reference comes from.

Julia / Schedler are unknown to me.

There is a Radzwilow SW of Dubno in Rowno parish, just on the Volhynia side 
of the border with Galicia.  However, your guess at the province seems to 
suggest Warschau = Warsaw.

There is Radzymin, a parish just north of the city of Warsaw but not sure if 
that is good fit or not.

I'd be willing to look at the document if you send it privately to see if I 
can do a better interpretation of the writing if you'd like.


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I'm looking at a marriage record in which the groom's father9 Ludwig
Radke) is from   Jadwigow? ?  Tadwigown? Gov. Schwinerow
and the groom's mother( Julia Burger) is from Julia  Gov. Schedler.
it looks like Julia , the last two letters are written on top of one another

Then the bride's parents (father Martin Koss) live in Elizabetpol, Gov.
Gnoyne .   Is this the Elizabetpol in Wladimir Wolhynsk?
The brides mother( Marianne Peltzer) was born  Radzywilow, gov Wa---hau
All of those locations are as I'm able to read the record. The writing
is pretty clear but I am doing some guessing.

Anyone one to take a guess as to the locations?
The Groom is Adolph Radke and the bride is Anna Susanna Koss.

I have a DNA match whose  tree  has a Radke  family living in
Eliabetpol, Wladimir Wolhynsk.
I'm trying to  figure out whether this Koss family could connect to mine.
If anyone connects to this Koss family, I'd sure like to communicate
with you.
Linda Bowen

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