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I looked in the Cyclopedia of Names (1954), not in there.

In Names, Nicknames, and Misspelled Names by Nancy Ellen Carl;berg, 2002,Euphrosine and Euphrosyne both said:  see Efrosine.  

Under Efrosine:   see Frances, Lucy, Effie, Effy, Efrona, Efrosina, Ephie, Eufronsina, Eufrozina, Eufrosyna, Euphrochine, Euphfronsina, Euphronsine, Euphfrosyne, Suphrosa, Euphrosine, Euphrosyne, Euphy, Eurfron, Fraesme, Fronia, Frosia, Frosie, Frosina, Froso, Jefrosina, Phronia, Phroso, Rosa, Uphrosa, Uphrosine, Uphrosyne.  All female.


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To SGGEE list members,

I'm interested in the given name Euphrosine.  I was told many years ago that it 
is the German equivalent of Frances, but my research does not show any reference 
to Frances at all.  It might have been a "called name" used by this family 
instead.  Has anyone else run into Frances as an equivalent for Euphrosine?  In 
this case, even your silence will be helpful.  Thanks.  
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