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> I'm interested in the given name Euphrosine.  I was told many years ago that it is the German equivalent of Frances, but my research does not show any reference to Frances at all.  It might have been a "called name" used by this family instead.  Has anyone else run into Frances as an equivalent for Euphrosine?  In this case, even your silence will be helpful.  Thanks.  
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Popular female name. Some of my relatives bore it.

Euphrosine is an old greek name popularized by a French opera, Euphrosine, 1792.
Proper noun
	• (Greek mythology) One of the three Charites and the goddess of joy.

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name of one of the three Graces in Greek mythology, from Latin, from Greek Euphrosyne, literally "mirth, merriment," from euphron "cheerful, merry, of a good mind," from eu "well" (see eu-) + phren (genitive phrenos) "mind," of unknown origin.

role-Euphrosine, daughter of the Comte de Sabran
Euphrosyne of Kiev (Euphrosine of Novgorod[1]) (c. 1130 – c. 1193) was Queen consortof Hungary.
Geoffrey II (1085–1102), Lord of Preuilly , married Euphrosine , daughter of Fulk of Vendôme Geoffrey III (1102–1137) (1102–1105) of Euphrosine ...

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