[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Questions about Kuhlwein and Kasinski family from Germany

Marvyl Ginter mandsginter at gmail.com
Sat Nov 16 20:28:55 PST 2013

I wonder if anyone could help me locate a few places:

1. My husband's great grandfather's passport (Anton Kuhlwein) says he was
born in Rosenhain, Oberschlesien January 1905. I found Oberschlesien was
Upper Silesia but was Rosenhain the town or should it be spelt Rosenheim?
Would anyone be able to tell me where this is?

2. My husband's great grandmother's (Elizabeth Kuhlwein nee Gurok) death
notice says she was born Albrechtsdorf, Kreis Rosenberg October 30, 1900.
Where is this place? His grandmother Ursula Kuhlwein was also born in the
same place according to her 1952 passport.

Thank you,
Marvyl Ginter mandsginter at gmail.com

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